Outwell Posadas Foldaway Bed Double Review

I’m sure you’ve seen the usual bell tent photos with mattresses on the floor. Very pretty. Not very comfortable. Once you are past your first flush of youth, and getting less sprightly, hauling yourself up and down all the way to the floor can be the kind of challenge life is just too short for. Even if you are still fit and bouncy enough to not mind the impromptu pilates, you also have the problem that mattresses on the floor are only as comfortable as the floor under them is flat.

With our Lotus Belle tent we are not limited to floor or low beds thanks to the 5+ foot walls. This is great because not only do you have loads of headroom, but you can also easily fit a full height camp bed!

There are not many double camp beds available. I toyed with the idea of getting two single camp beds and putting them together, but it seemed an expensive way to make a double. I didn’t feel like faffing around tying them together, or waking up on the ground wedged where I had fallen between them. In the end I bought a Posadas Foldaway Bed Double by Outwell. The main reason I chose this one was that it should be stronger than the others- it advertises as being able to hold two 125kg people rather than just 100kg. Which would be handy if I keep eating chocolate as though tomorrow is always Boxing Day.


The stats

Fabric: 100% polyester
Frame: Steel
Size: 132 x 192 x 45 cm (WxLxH)
Pack size: 20 x 27 x 97 cm
Weight: 13.5 kg
Max load: 2 x 125 kg

RRP: £99.99


I first need to say that I have not slept on this bed without an air bed on top. I like a super squishy mattress and I’m not prepared to try to sleep on a bare camp bed and get all achy just for this blog. And those tiddly pillows? Heh, really they shouldn’t have bothered at all, I like feathers under my head! So for testing I popped our air bed on top, complete as always with our usual bedding. After all, I am a glamper, not a camper! If you do this too, the trick is to put their daft little pillows at the foot end. That way you don’t have your head at a strange angle.

The testing was done at two campsites, at Liggars Farm Campsite and Court Farm Campsite.

I was really afraid I would fall off. I was certain I’d be woken by a loud bump, and a cold hard floor. I was very wrong. The bar and fabric construction of the camp bed means it creates a little hollow that you sleep in. Even with an air bed on top there was enough of a dip that I didn’t get too close to the edge. Luckily the air bed also gave enough padding that I didn’t notice the central bar. Of course, if you plan to use this camp bed without an air mattress that bar is going to be the end of any spooning or snuggling you might have plans for!

At 192 cm long it is roughly the same length as our air bed, and although my husband found his feet stuck out the end a little bit, it was long enough for me to stretch out comfortably. It is wide enough that there is plenty of room for two averagely sized people. Or, if you like to sleep starfish style, just right for one. Once you have the air bed on top it is a bit higher than a standard bed, and it is so much easier to get on and off than climbing up from the floor.

There is another benefit to having a camp bed this size… storage. Tents are not known for their ample storage space. I personally think that camping cupboards are exceptionally ugly, although very sensibly practical. They also take up precious space in the tent. However by raising your bed off the floor you create a huge under bed storage area! There is room under there for all our bags and cases, and you can shove all the cooking kit under there when not in use too. Which is brilliant because instantly the tent looks so much tidier and less cluttered. Marvellous. I just have to keep an eye on the toddler in case she decides to disappear into it as she thinks it’s her den too!


Look at all that space!

What about setting up and packing down? Well it’s really quick, as it all just folds shut like an enormous concertina’d deck chair. There’s no constructing, no fiddly bars to slot in, just pull open and push the legs as far as they will go and ta da! You have a bed. It is easier to put up with two people, though not easy at all if you have a toddler who is desperate to climb on it at the same time. Once it is packed up it is a bit long and heavy, but surprisingly narrow as a package. We compared it to the travel cot when folded, and it is a bit smaller and a similar weight.

Despite being quick and easy to fold, it is impressively sturdy when set up, and with the air bed on top I had a very good nights sleep! The Posadas Foldaway camp bed has definitely earned a place in our regular camping kit.

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