30th Post, 85+ followers, and one huge announcement!

Don’t miss the announcement at the end of the post!

I have been out and about camping, running around after a toddler and generally not keeping track of how many posts I am writing or what has been going on in social media. So when I stopped yesterday and saw that I had clocked up 29 posts I was really proud of myself. I’m sure there are bloggers who can crank out 30 posts in a few weeks, but as a first time blogger this is a big milestone for me.

That makes this the 30th post!

One number makes me curious about other numbers, so I spent a few minutes adding up my followers from the blog and across social media, and I was amazed to see I have more than 85 followers! When I started writing about my adventures with Tylda the Lotus Bell tent I thought I might find one or two followers along the way, maybe my family might check out the blog if they get curious (or worried I might write about them). I never dreamed that 85 people would be interested enough in what I am doing to take the time to follow me.

So thank you, to all my followers. I am both humbled and very grateful.

A few lessons I have learnt along the way, I hope these will be useful to other new bloggers.

Don’t despair if a post doesn’t initially get lots of views. If it is a good post and you have done all the right things, then it will slowly bring more and more readers to your blog. My post What to do in a rainy day in Cornwall initially had very few views, but it has slowly crept up to be my most viewed blog post.

Get to love social media. I am a total Instagram convert. I only use my phone camera and very little editing- a tweak or two to slightly brighten and crop a photo is usually all I do. After all, it isn’t always brightly sunny in Cornwall! Despite this low tech start Instagram has been my fastest growing following. I would like to think that is because I am a budding photographer, but I expect it has more to do with the stunning landscapes of Cornwall and the frankly majestic tent I have the luck to be photographing. (Are you following me on Instagram yet? You can also find me on Twitter and Facebook!)

Write what you enjoy writing about, and post only when you are satisfied with your posts. I have read a lot of tips that encourage regular, scheduled posting. I’m sure that works for some people, but when I try to force a blog post I write total garbage. Write what you are enthused about and your excitement will show. Like a smile, excitement is contagious, and you will find your audience will be carried along for the ride.



What’s next for Tylda Glamping?

I am incredibly excited about a huge new development.

Have I mentioned how much I love camping in Tylda, my Lotus Belle tent?

Once or twice, right?

Well, now I would love to share this amazing glamping experience with you!

From next year you will be able to stay in a beautiful Tylda Glamping Lotus Belle tent, fully kitted out with everything you need for a fabulous glamping holiday in Cornwall and Devon.

That’s pretty exciting right? And yes, I just did a happy dance with my toddler right then.

More details will be coming soon, so watch this space. In the mean time, if you know someone who would love to get to glamp in Tylda, please share this post with them, or tag them on our Facebook page. There will be competitions, giveaways and discount codes for loyal followers, so make sure you don’t miss out!

4 thoughts on “30th Post, 85+ followers, and one huge announcement!

  1. tyldaglamping says:

    I know what that feels like, I was a bit slow getting started with Instagram. But I started using it first as a way to share photos of my daughter with her family abroad, and then I got a little bit hooked!

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