Fairy lights

A shopping list for glamping

Tylda is such a beautiful tent. Spot her in a field and you think “wow”.

Unfortunately on the inside my interior decorating is not doing her justice. So far the rest of our camping kit includes:

  • Air bed on the floor
  • Travel cot
  • A camping chair
  • One set of fairy lights that doesn’t quite reach all the way around the top
  • Two solar powered jar lights (I love these so much!)

That isn’t much! The inside of the tent then manages to be both bare and really cluttered with all our clothes and toiletries as we have nowhere to put them.

I want the inside of Tylda to look just as beautiful and magical as the outside. I want to step inside and feel cozy and comfortable. I want to make the most of the space and have good storage so it can be kept tidy and clean, and so I don’t trip over a bag of clothes when I make my way to the toilet block in the dark.

So… (rubs hands with glee)… I’m going to have to do a bit more shopping!

So far I have a list of “basic essentials”, and a list of “nice to have”.

Basic essentials

Camp bed
Yes the air bed is comfy enough, but it would be really nice to not have to climb up and down to the floor to go to bed. I’m starting to feel really old when the toddler has kept me awake all night, and it’s neither quick or elegant to get up off the floor to see to her. By raising the bed there will also be a handy storage space underneath where we can hide some of our junk. I’m also hoping it will mean the bed can be used as a bench during the day.
It’s got to be a double camp bed, but hopefully fold up small enough to be transportable. At the moment I have my eye on the Outwell Posadas, but there really isn’t much choice of double camp beds so it won’t be long until I choose!

I really love the look of the tea light chandeliers that hang from the central pole of bell tents. However I can’t really imagine using actual candles, the fire risk with a one year old toddling around scares me silly, even though I’m sure it’s safe enough.
A hurricane lamp is another option, not hung up but standing (hmmm… on what?!)
More fairy lights! Because I don’t think there can ever be too many fairy lights!

Under bed storage would be a really good start. That might be as simple as a set of hold-alls that can double as easy to carry luggage. Luckily the toddler hasn’t yet figured out zips, so zipped hold-alls also have the added bonus of being a safe place to store everything we don’t want her to chew on.
Some attractive storage would be great too- perhaps a stack of baskets or attractive boxes that could also double as a coffee table.

Cooking equipment
I haven’t even thought about this yet! But it would be so nice to be able to make a cuppa in the morning.

Nice to have

At the moment we have nothing covering the ground sheet. This is ok, it’s not ugly or unpleasant, but it is a bit noisy to walk on, and I would love to sink my toes into a nice rug. It would look much more homely, and brighten the whole space.
There are some options- camping carpet is lightweight and non slip, but I haven’t seen any that looks attractive. Coir matting is hard wearing and pretty, but not the nicest for bare feet and so incredibly heavy and bulky for transporting. Rag rugs are pretty, but have the same issue with bulk.

We don’t really need a big table. To use a table we would also need to have chairs at the right height and a high chair. I think for now something that can double up as storage and coffee table would be just fine.

More chairs
I have one, fabulously comfortable camping chair. It was mine, all mine. My husband turned his nose up when I offered to buy him one. So obviously he now plonks himself in mine at every opportunity! The toddler also loves climbing up into the chair and settling herself into it like an enormous throne. So if I ever want to sit comfortably again we need to have a chair each.

Have I missed anything? Is there anything you would never go camping without?

I have a dilemma though, when I first decided to glamp I tried shopping in all our local camping/outdoorsy shops. They had almost nothing I wanted, as they seem to have decided to fill 90% of their shop floor with clothing, and the rest was rather basic camping kit that didn’t fit with my idea of glamping.

I usually prefer to support local businesses, but I think I’m going to have to do a lot of online shopping if I’m going to fulfil this list.

Any recommendations of good shops gratefully received!

3 thoughts on “A shopping list for glamping

  1. watchingthedaisies says:

    It all sounds great but I think you definitely need two chairs. I temember camping with the girl guides many moons ago. We made lots of implements out of sticks including a raised shelf for our rucksacks. Happy camping. 🌼🌼🌼


  2. tyldaglamping says:

    Yes, a chair each will be a big improvement! I don’t tend to get aches from sleeping on an air bed, but a day or two without a comfortable chair becomes really painful.
    What kind of camping chairs do you prefer? My favourite are the bucket seat ones, but my husband is insisting we need wooden folding garden chairs to look like we are glamping properly. They look great, but I’m not sure they’re especially comfy!

    Liked by 1 person

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